Fall Mainstage
Clue: On Stage
October 28 and 30 at 7:00 PM

The Characters

IMG_20210428_143534 - Otto Fox.jpg

The Butler


Otto Fox


A guest of the house

Miss Scarlett

Jaidyn Orozco

20210504_171315 - Eleanor Cooper-Ohm.jpg

A guest of the house

Mrs. Peacock

Eleanor Cooper-Ohm

A guest of the house

Mrs. White

Makenna Carpenter


A guest of the house

Colonel Mustard

Tanner Dales

A guest of the house

Professor Plum

Jaxon Roberts-Moxley

A guest of the house

Mr. Green

Korey Wells

The maid


Maddi Nuzum


The host of the party

Mr. Boddy

Carsten Holly

clue cropped.jpg

The name says all.

The Cook

Mia Ledesma Lopez

IMG-0771 - Adelyn Arrick.jpg


The Motorist

Addy Arrick

189D36D0-E8F1-46ED-B29F-5200F0F1C9F7 - Julian Jakoubek.jpeg

Searching for answers.

The Cop

Julian Jakoubek

880B6577-780C-43AB-B02E-4E30A81581FE - Ella Humlicek.jpeg

Has a message to deliver

Singing Telegram Girl

Ella Humlicek


Has a message to deliver


Kaleb Ask

clue cropped.jpg

Here to make an arrest


Espie Almazan

E9E6EED3-8925-4BAA-B3AC-71597817A5E1 - Layne Smith.png

Here to make an arrest


Layne Smith

Actor/Technician Contract

Fall Theatre Schedule

Clue Technician Sign Up
Some extra information:
We know everyone has different levels of availability and not everyone can be at rehearsal every day.  The roles in Clue on Stage and the one acts are being split into levels based on the time commitment expected from the actor playing the part.  Note that the week(s) leading up to the show, we will ask for more time commitment.

Tier 1: The leads of the mainstage (Clue).  Expected to be there most rehearsals.
Tier 2: Secondary Leads of the mainstage and leads of One Act Plays and Short Films.  There actors are expected 2-3 days a week.
Tier 3: Ensemble and walk-ons.  These actors are only expected 1-2 days a week or even less.
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