Fall Mainstage
Clue: On Stage
October 28 and 30 at 7:00 PM

The Cast and Crew

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Otto Fox is a Junior at LC, Otto has played roles such as Scuttle in Lewis Central's The Little Mermaid, Peter Van Daan in The Rose Theatre's The Diary of Anne Frank, an Ensemble member of Omaha Community Playhouse's Annie, and much more.


Miss Scarlet

Jaidyn Orozco is a junior at Lewis Central and this is her fifth year in theatre, and second year in Lewis Central Theatre. She’s so excited to be in her first play and is so happy with how this show came out. She loves all her new friends and is so excited for years to come.


Mrs. Peacock

Eleanor Cooper-Ohm is Junior and has performed in productions such as Peter and the Starcatcher (Ted), The Yellow Boat (Benjamin), The Little Mermaid (Jetsam), and Love Awkwardly (Wendy). Her favorite memory from Clue was when she told Jaxon his shoes looked dumb and he tried to kill her.


Mrs. White

Makenna Carpenter is currently a Junior at LCHS. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite animal is the Eel. She has performed in previous shows such as The Little Mermaid, Death Defiant (for play works) and even Tom Sawyer for her 4th grade musical. Her favorite part of this year's fall play was being able to work with and get to know her cast members while navigating her way around acting as Mrs. White


Colonel Mustard

Tanner Dales is a senior at LCHS, Tanner has performed in Go West (5th grade musical), his favorite memory from Clue is having the chance to be on stage and be a part of something so fun.

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Professor Plum

Jaxon Roberts-Moxley is a senior and is acting in his seventh show at Lewis Central. The fine arts department has truly brought joy into his life, and has introduced lifelong friends! Jaxon’s goal, as our troupe President, is to expand our program and introduce new and diverse faces! Jaxon is so excited to see where the LC Theatre program will go when he graduates.


Mr. Green

Korey  is currently a sophomore at LCHS. He performed in the Little Mermaid Jr. his freshman year as Grimsby. Clue on Stage is his first play at LCHS and the best part of this production to him has been growing with the other actors/actresses to put forward the best production possible and watching the techs “kick butt”.



Maddy Nuzum is a senior and this her fourth production at Lewis Central Highschool. She has been in the shows Godspell, Mamma Mia, The Little Mermaid Jr., and Clue: On Stage. Her favorite part of the play this year is getting to maker new connections with her cast mates.


Mr. Boddy

Carsten Holly is a Junior at Lewis Central. This is his first time being in a production at Lewis Central, but not his first time on the stage. He is a self described entertainer and comedian. His favorite part about Clue this year was getting to know his fellow cast members and watching the show's cast and sets grow through the months.


The Cook

Mia Ledesma Lopez is a junior at Lewis Central, this is her first play although she was in involved in Mamma Mia as well as the crew for last years movie Love, Awkwardly. Her favorite part of the play has been spending time together on set with the cast and basically being able to take a nap on stage.


The Motorist

Addy Arrick is currently a senior at LCHS. Addy has performed in Godspell, Peter and the Starcatcher (Smee), Love Awkwardly (Laura), The Little Mermaid (Ariel) and now CLUE! Her favorite memory from the play is when she almost suffocated Eleanor with Gray hair spray! 


The Cop

Julian Jakoubek is a Junior at Lewis Central, this will be his third production for the Theatre Program. He previously was involved in Mamma Mia and The Little Mermaid JR. This will be Julian’s first time on stage. He is grateful for the opportunity to be acting on stage.


Singing Telegram Girl

Ella Humlicek is currently a senior at LCHS and this is her first production at Lewis Central Highschool. Her favorite part of the play was meeting new people and making fun of Kenny Awe.



Kaleb Ask  is a senior this year and has done the fall movie (Love Awkwardly) and tech in the musical (Little Mermaid JR). Kaleb looks forward to his first live cast role as Chief of Police in this year’s play Clue: On Stage. Kaleb’s favorite memory from this year's play was finding all the secrets in the set design.



Espie Almazan is a Sophomore at Lewis Central High school. She is an Agent in Clue. Her past productions she has been a part of are Love Awkwardly where she was an assistant director and The Little Mermaid musical were she was the captain and Carlotta. Espie looks forward to continuing being a part of the theatre department at LCHS while participating in multiple other school activities.



Layne Smith is currently a freshman at LCHS. He performed in the Little Mermaid Jr. 8th grade year as an 8th grader. This year however he is playing one of the agents and helping out with tech.


Stage Manager

Bailey Garrett-Cornelison is a Junior at LCHS. This is her sixth show working on tech, and her third as a stage manager. Bailey’s favorite part of working on productions is watching everything come together and getting closer with the other cast and crew members. She would like to thank the whole cast and crew of Clue: On Stage for making this a production that she will never forget.


Assistant Stage Manager

Emma Belt is a sophomore at LCHS. She worked tech for the Little Mermaid Jr her freshman year. She is currently an Assistant Backstage Manager and a Costume Designer. Her dream is to travel the world in a van while working as a fashion designer. She is an expert thrifter and excels at mixing accessories to her thrifted fits. Emma is Doug.


Crew Chief

Kenny Awe is a Junior at Lewis Central, and Clue is his 3rd show, after performing in Love Awkwardly, and The Little Mermaid his sophomore year, as well as several 1 acts. He’s really enjoyed learning about the tech side of drama this year. He’s also loved being the butt of every joke, ever.



Sydney Liddick is currently a senior at LCHS. This is her seventh show working tech as well as being an ensemble member in the musical Godspell. She is currently the head of sound for the department. She also enjoys helping with costumes, makeup, and prop work. Her favorite part about being in drama is seeing her friends performing.



Ben Smith is currently a freshman at LCHS. He performed in the Little Mermaid his 8th grade year as well as Once Upon a Mattress (Chanticleer) in 6th grade. This is his first year working behind the scenes. The best of doing tech for him is getting to know everyone and making more friends.


Sound Effects

Hailey Wilkins is a senior at LCHS. She was involved in tech for The Little Mermaid her junior year. Haley looks forward to spending her last year with the amazing tech crew.



Maia Halverson is a sophomore at LCHS. This is Maia’s second show working tech, her first was the little mermaid working backstage tech. She is very excited to be working with the lights for clue.


Run Crew/Props

Audrey Wright is currently a sophomore at LCHS. While she likes acting (even getting a role for her second grade play), she prefers to be working behind the scenes. This is her first show for working tech. The best part of building the set for her is watching it all fall together.

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Run Crew/Props

Liv Campbell


Run Crew/Props

Kendall Robbins is currently a freshman at LCHS. She was an ensemble member of the Little Mermaid Jr. her 8th grade year. She is really excited to be involved in this year’s production. Her favorite part of working in tech is seeing the set come together and getting to work the amazing tech crew.

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Media Director

Brodie Smith 


Custom Posters can be ordered featuring some of your favorite characters.  Email Mr. Strait at alan.strait@lewiscentral.org

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